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Effective reading instruction for home use.

“When I started BRI with him, Jack recognized his efforts as reading as soon as he finished the few sentences in Book l, Set l. BRI’s goal is that achievable and realised so quickly.”  - Parent

If a child can take part in everyday conversation, then he/she can start to read with BRI-ARI. These books are carefully structured to ensure that all children can read right from the start. Some children learn to read with very little instruction but as long as the experience is a positive one and the child is ‘ready’ then early reading acquisition can be a very fruitful and pleasurable experience. The early stories are gentle, appealing and humorous and children readily identify with the little weaknesses and vanities of their endearing characters.

For a few children, regardless of general intelligence, the journey towards capable reading is a long one but it progresses as quickly as the child can manage. BRI-ARI should be completed by almost all children by the end of Year 2, or at the very latest, during Year 3. Many children will ‘take off’ after completing one or two sets of the ARI books, others may need to read right through to ARI 5.

BRI 1 consists of a series of 24 storybooks that the child reads to you – the parent or older sibling acting as the 'Guide'. It takes but a few minutes to absorb the GETTING STARTED WITH BRI 1 instructions (see Getting Started). Armed with the information provided there, and in the books themselves, the exciting journey towards fluent reading can begin. The hardest adjustment for the parent/guide will be to resist the temptation to overhelp. Only the child can do the work, and overhelping can only make the journey longer.

The activities associated with each book can be conducted during one session, or they can be divided into shorter sessions. There is no fixed time or session schedule. Whatever you and your child feel comfortable with will work.

For information on the SPELL books, (see Ordering).