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Letter for Parents
As soon as a child has been taught how to read the first book with automaticity and good expression, an introductory letter can be sent home with this first book to help parents/carers to support their child's reading. Subsequent books can be sent home early in the instruction. Parents/Carers should be asked to follow the guidelines at the beginning of each book.

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Free Inspection Copy of BRI 1 Book 4

Please feel free to print out the whole of BRI 1 Book 4 from PDF download. Further sample extracts of BRI-ARI books are also available for free download (see Samples and Ordering).

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Notched Card
Developed by Tom and Hilsie Burkard, founders of The Promethean Trust, the Notched Card is an invaluable way of instilling the habit of all-through-the-word reading.

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Character Sheets for Colouring BRI 1, BRI 2, BRI 3
The characters in the early BRI-ARI books quickly establish themselves as firm favourites. The colouring sheets offer light relief, in addition to providing fine motor control practice.

BRI 1 Character Sheets for Colouring

BRI 2 Character Sheets for Colouring

BRI 3 Character Sheets for Colouring


Picture Sheets for Recording Reading Progress and for the Child to Colour


Beneath the picture of each book, space has been allotted for two stars: the first to be given after completion of a reading, the second after re-reading with expression. It is vital that any 'star system' never leads to rushing through books. Some children will take a long time to complete two readings of a book and their efforts and achievements are deserving of much encouragement and praise. Certificates of Success can be downloaded on completion of each set.

BRI 1 Books I Have Read BRI 2 Books I Have Read BRI 3 Books I Have Read Booster Books I Have Read



Certificate of Success BRI 1, BRI 2, BRI 3 & Booster Books

Each set of BRI-ARI books represents a milestone in the journey towards literacy. Certificates of Success are a pleasing way of acknowledging effort and achievement.

BRI 1 Certificate of Success BRI 2 Certificate of Success BRI 3 Certificate of Success Booster Books Certificate of Success