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The BRI-ARI products

The BRI-ARI series progressively develops the necessery skills your child needs to read. Click on the set names in the drop down menu above for more information.

Price  summary; BRI 1, 2,3 $40.00 per set. Boosters and ARI 1-5: $32.00 per set. Contact seller for order form.

Postage is $!0.00 on orders up to $100.00; $20.00 on orders over $100.00, within Australia.

BRI 1 and BRI 2 introduce the majority of the sound-letter correspondences of the Basic Code and incorporate a few consonant digraphs (th, wh, sh), together with the Advanced Code vowel digraph (ee), and the simple plural ‘s’.

By the end of BRI 2 children will need to be fluent. Booster Books provide extra practice for children who are still sounding out more than a few words. The reader has no new Code to handle

BRI 3 continues to concentrate on single-syllable words, introducing ccvc and cvcc words. It provides practice in distinguishing contractions (well/we'll, let/let's, its/it's) introduces 'soft' g and j correspondences, and contrasts x with k and ck correspondences. Easily confused correspondences involving vowels are introduced (there, her, here. he, are) (want, play, ball) (you, go, on) (jump, put, out).

ARI 1 continues to focus on CCVC and CVCC words, incorporates suffixes (ing, ed), and builds on Advanced Code  (ow, ai, ar, and vowel + e). Stories become longer.

ARI 2 continues to introduce Advanced Code, incorporates compound words, focuses on ly and y word endings and contains increasingly long stories.

ARI 3, ARI 4 and ARI  5 continue to introduce Advanced Code, incorporating compound words, and contain increasingly long stories.

The 3RsPlus SPELL Instructors' Handbook aligns with BRI-ARI instruction.


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