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BRI 1 and BRI 2 introduce the majority of the sound-letter correspondences of the Basic Code and incorporate a few consonant digraphs(th, wh, sh), together with the Advanced Code vowel digraph (ee), and the simple plural ‘s’.

BRI 3 continues to concentrate on single-syllable words, introducing ccvc and cvcc words. It provides practice in distinguishing contractions (well/we'll, let/let's, its/it's) introduces 'soft' g and j correspondences, and contrasts x with k and ck correspondences. Easily confused correspondences involving vowels are introduced (there, her, here. he, are) (want, play, ball) (you, go, on) (jump, put, out).

Sample Extracts from BRI 3 Titles

Please feel free to view the sample extracts from our publications.

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> View sample extract from Book 15

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